Sunday, November 15, 2009


Time flies by when there is ALWAYS something going on...As many might already know we are expecting our 2nd child. We are truly excited but I on the other hand are ready for the rest of the six months to hurry by. Since we have found out that I am expecting all I do is stay sick. Sick enough to get hospitalized. On top of this Ryan is Always gone for work. He has switched departments within the company to the Maintenance Away department. He likes it but it is a hard job, lots of labor, and many long days(but hey we are use to this already!!). By the time the baby is due which by the way is May 9th (Mothers day!!) he will be done with the training and it will be time for a move! Ha, we have heard that many times before!! Apparently Ryan says I need to take this seriously since this is going to really happen (I will believe it when I see it, since I have heard this many times before!). Reagan is doing well, adjusting to the fact the World won't revolve around her but of course this week while Ryan is gone she develops Tonsillitis! As Ryan says, I was playing "doctor" and not taking her to the doctors because I did Not want to drag her little bum in the office with ALL these other sick nasty kids when all she had was a cough, but of course after 4 days of NO sleep for either one of us and NO school for her, I had enough. I was proved WRONG. She is the best little thing, but dear lord a daddy's girl if there is ever one...Reagan says Jump and Ryan says "how high honey?". For instance this morning she woke at 5am and wanted a sippy cup that was left in the car, I was not going out in the cold to get it when she had other perfectly good cups. But no, Daddy comes down & runs outside in his boxers to get!! Seriously, if we have another girl, I will shoot myself! By the way, we do not find out the sex till Christmas Eve, I will keep you posted....I better run, I am working and trying to catch up on homework. I promise I will Attempt to post better, but till then there will always be chaos!!