Friday, October 31, 2008


After the curlers came out........

Getting her Kitty Face on.....

Isn't she Catolicous! Here Kitty Kitty.....
Trick or Treat, Give me something good to eat! That is what my lovely three year old says to everyone who she greets with her bag wide open! Wonder who taught her that! She had a blast this year trick or treating with her friends and family! We def. got double dips this year. Our church had Trunk or Treat the night before and then of course on Halloween we had even more fun going to our friends house and treating with them around the block. Here are a few pictures of the Miss Pris getting ready. I had put sponge rollers in her hair to make it extremely curler. She left them in all day and ran errands with me. She did not like people looking at her with them in, she said it was "embarrassing"! Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ER Visit

Well today was a very interesting day to say the least! It started off pretty good with Reagan and I going to church. Ryan had a train ride up to Bluefield, WV. So it was just the two of us. We ate lunch with the family and then came home to take our afternoon nap before I had to come into work. Well I was lazy after laying in the bed for two hours(Reagan is over naps and likes to watch a movie while I lay there). I was running late and while I was scooting her out the door with my hands full of books, food, overnight bag, etc. The worst thing could have had happened!

I slammed the door. To my horror, her little fingers were in the door where the hinges are. I shut the door on my three year old daughters fingers!! She lost her breath and then started to scream in pain! I was shocked, threw everything down and picked her up to see if they were broken. They were blue and bloody where the door also cut her. She could not stop crying! I cleaned them off the best I could and threw everything in the car and proceeded to my moms(since this is where we were going anyhow). I needed someone to help me calm her down so I know whether or not I needed to take her to the emergency room. My mom was a big help and finally was able to get her to calm down and she fell asleep on my lap. We decided to take her to the ER to be on the safe side. She was favoring that hand and wouldn't move them. Thankfully a girl I knew was working on the Pediatric side and got us in and out within 2hrs! That included 4 X-rays! The doctor didn't see any breaks but since they are so swollen he wasn't 100% sure. If Reagan still favors them in a few days we need to go back and redo an x-ray. But thankfully she let them bandage the little fingers up. She looks like she has a cast on! She thinks she is like her best friend Emmy(Emmy was in a bad car accident this week and has a cast on her leg).

When it was all done and said with she wanted chicken nuggets with dip and to watch her movie. I got her all settled and she told me it was "OK that I smashed her fingers, but Do Not Do it again!". I love that child to death! I feel horrible that I did such a stupid thing, I def. will double check that door before I shut it again. I wish I had the ability to forgive the way she does. she is a trooper! I will post pictures later, I still had to come into work after I got her settled, she is with her Nina and Pop Pops sleeping away!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My three year old daughter asked the other day why it was raining? I merely stated that God wanted it to rain. It is funny how you don't plan anything and it becomes a gorgeous day outside. And the one day you plan to go to the Pumpkin patch at the exact time it decides to down pour. But thankfully my daughter has the ability to understand that we can do it another day because God wanted to feed the grass and plants! I wish I had the ability to understand situations like a three year old can. Till this day if something doesn't go perfectly I get a little bent out of shape. Ok, a lot. So, today I learned from daughter not to sweat the small stuff. We can always do it tomorrow!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Sleep, who needs it right? I constantly do not have enough sleep. I try to catch up but once you lose it, you def. can not gain it back. Take for instance these past two days. I had to work Wednesday night and Thursday night. I got up at 8am on Wednesday and took a two hour nap before going to work. I worked a 12hr shift and then proceeded to pick up Reagan and take her to Maw Maws. I then came home and slept 4hrs before going back and picking her up. After that I went back into work for another 12hr shift. Today(Friday) I have only gotten a cat nap(literally) of a few minutes since Reagan is running around the house. Ryan ended up having to work a Sat Check and didn't get home till 6am this morning. As the good wife:O), I let him sleep. So now, can you see why I am always tired?!?!

Yes, Ryan is up now and has offered several times for me to go to bed. But I hate sleeping the day away if it is my day off. Also, he and I only get TWO FULL days together(if that). I rather be a little sleepy than not have my family time. Reagan absolutely loves when her daddy is off. She def. has him wrapped around his finger. It is quite comical what she can get him to do! So whether I am sleepy or not I will make the sacrifice to stay awake and catch up another day!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I absolutely love fall. It is my favorite time of the year. If I had it my way, my husband and I would have gotten married in the fall. But we can thank the Army for that. Waking up and smelling the wonderful smell of the leaves changing and the crisp air in the early morning. Aw, it is wonderful!

With fall brings the holidays and with the holidays brings a whole new meaning of stress. Stress with who is doing Thanksgiving, what presents to by for Reagan, and on and on. Don't get me wrong, in the Bailey household if there wasn't any stress there would be no Baileys!

Take for instance...we just got back from Florida due to Ryan's grandmother passing away. It was a stressful event in itself due to the fact we got a call late Thursday night and had to leave the next day on a 14hr trip with a 3yr old. We left at 2:30pm in the afternoon and didn't arrive in Florida till 4:30am in the morning! I started helping his Ant and mother cook for 100 people for after the funeral. Well come Sunday night and day Reagan started vomiting and running a 104.1 fever with a horrible cough(she has had croup for the post month!). We get through the funeral and dinner and head home on Tuesday evening at 9:30pm. On our way out she is throwing up from coughing so hard(3 times to be exact!). Our car smelt so lovely! It had the aroma of Vick's vapor rub, vomit, and pee(she accidentally over flowed the pull up while she slept!). Then we are finally an hour from home and I am trying to sleep and I wake up to screams of "get it out, get it out", and Reagan crying. While we stopped at Cracker Barrel(One of our favorites to eat at on trips) she wanted to buy a pet hamster that rolls around on the floor. Well, needless to say she decided to put it in her hair as it was moving its legs and it got tangled into a nice big rats nest. We had to cut it out and now she has a lovely big Bald spot!

See why there is Always stress? Now my husband and I are sick, as well as all the family in Florida and Roanoke. But the good news is Reagan is much better! Go figure!

I promise I will try to get better at this whole blog thing. It is hard to update every week. With being a full time mom, worker, student, etc. There isn't enough hours in the day! But I can give it my best shot!