Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating like the Griswolds!!!

I starting decorating the week of Thanksgiving since Thanksgiving was late this year. I love to decorate our house with all the pretty garland and lights. It makes it feel so homey around the holidays. I call it tastefully done. Well, my husband on the other hand likes to decorate like Clark Griswold. I finally gave him the thumbs up this year to do Whatever he would like outside. He even likes me to come out and sing "Joy to the World" and then make that god awful sound that Clark's mother-in-law made with her tongue like a cat call. Then magically the lights come on. We have BLUE lights this year, I mean, are we K-Mart? I can not stand tackiness, that is one thing I cringe at but my husband thinks it is wonderful! I am posting a few pictures but this is not done! He wants to get on the roof and put lights(Blue, mind you) done the chimney! Why, Why, Why did I say it was OK? I will post more pictures later when the final lights are hung by the chimney with care, ha....

Thanksgiving with a New Addition

My brother and his wife finally had their baby! Reagan is the big cousin instead of the baby. His name is Evan Bernard Lee and weighed 8lbs and 20inch long! Katie was induced on Wednesday the 26th at 5:30am but did not end up having him till that evening by C-Section at 10:30pm. He was sunny side up and was a little too big for her to have normally. I was very proud of all of them! They got to take him home on Saturday morning at 9am and he is doing Great! Reagan says she loves him just a little bit, not much, just a little bit, ha! She also says he has mermaid hair (his hair is an auburn color). What a girl comment!

Our Home Away From Home~Charleston

We packed up and headed to Charleston, SC for the Citadel Homecoming on a Wednesday and did not come back till Sunday night. That is def. our second Home. Ryan would do anything in the world to work at the Norfolk Southern Hub down there, but as many know it is where ALL the retirees go when they have put 20yrs into the company! Ryan spent 4yrs of his life at the Citadel and absolutely loves the city. I have came very fond of it myself and Reagan did not want to leave! We did many Citadel events since it was Homecoming week-end. Reagan wanted a Cheerleader outfit and if I say so myself she looked adorable. On Wednesday we stayed at our friends Beach House on Isle of Palms(Gorgeous!) and then the rest of the week we stayed at the Lodge Alley Inn in the middle of downtown Charleston. A nice surprise was one of my old friends from high school lives nearby in Savanna and drove up to visit a friend and have dinner with Ryan, Reagan, and I. Our lives have became so similar since we have gotten married that it is pretty scary. Her husband is a 2005 Citadel Grad and an officer in the military. She is going through many situations I had to go through. He is deployed now and they have only been married for a few months. She is a strong woman and I know will be a wonderful Army Wife! It was extremely enjoyable to catch up with her and to see how her family has been doing. It is amazing how many years can go by and you can start off where you left it! The trip and the people were def. worth it!! Enjoy the Pictures.....