Monday, August 17, 2009

Trust in the Lord.....

I am sitting here at work while there is an actual down time(mind you it is almost 3 in the morning!). I have been working on bills and finishing up some school work. I have just a moment and I wanted to update the blog.

Life has been very stressful lately but nothing new in the Life of the Bailey's. Our house is still for sale and our contract is running out on the house we wanted(Sept. 1st to be exact). Now Ryan and I are debating to keep the house on the market and look for another house OR take the house off the market and finish the basement or do something to give us more room. My plan is to take the house off the market because Ryan has informed me that most likely we will be moving within 15 months(out of the Roanoke area). But we know how that goes!!! Anyways, with that and everyday living life has been stressful. I have to keep telling myself to Trust in the Lord, Trust in the is def. easier said than done but honestly when life throws you curve balls I rather cuss and throw a tantrum then Trust in God. I know it is HORRIBLE to feel that way but I am human(and it is easier).

The preacher here at a church we are visiting(Church of the Holy Spirit) had the best message the other week about Trusting in God. It was very uplifting to hear the message and to understand the ability God has whether we understand or not. When finances, life, relationships, etc. get me down I know without a doubt God is in control and with his guidance everything will be O.K.